Design Services

What is Design/Build?
Design/Build is a process whereby a homeowner selects a building and design team to assist with the new construction or remodeling project from conception. The contractor, designer(s), and engineer work together from the onset with the homeowner to manage cost and guide the project based on a predetermined budget range.

Step 1:  Existing Project
•  Take measurements of existing footprint.
•  Photograph existing project area and layout.


Step 2:  Digital Design & Planning
•  Create Revised Footprint in plan view.
•  Create 3D perspective of new plan.
•  Fill in Perspective drawings for space planning.


Step 3:  Material Selection & Shopping
•  Our in-house professional designer takes you shopping.
•  Visit the showrooms of our wholesale suppliers.
•  We guide you in the material selection process while keeping your budget in mind.


Step 4: Photorealistic Rendering
•  Create a digital photograph using materials and fixtures you’ve selected.
•  Evaluate color and material patterns for appearance.
•  Make changes or adjustments before construction starts.


Design Services

. Floor Plans & Details
. Plot Plans / Permit Plans
. Interior / Exterior Elevations & 3D
. Photorealistic Rendering
. Fly-through & Virtual Walkthrough Movies

Photorealistic 3D Renderings

Here are some more examples of our photo-rendering work, which helps clients really visualize how their project will turn out.  And saves loads of time in the decision making process!