How do I get started with Accent Construction?

The first step is typically a phone call or email we receive from a homeowner with a project in mind.  We set up an appointment and we come to your home and view the project you have in mind to discuss the design process and a range of costs.  This appointment is always at No Charge.


How much time should I allow for my first meeting with Accent Construction?

We have had initial meetings run from 45 minutes to as long as 2 hours.  This depends on the number of projects the homeowner has in mind – we have discussed up to 3 bathrooms for a single residence.  We do our best to answer all of your questions and prepare you for your remodeling project.

What do I get for my Design Deposit?

We require a plan and design for all of our construction projects.  Everyone needs to be on the same page and drawings and renderings accomplish this.  Your  design deposit includes

  • As built floor plan,
  • Up to 3 revised footprints, if applicable,
  • Up to 2 shopping trips with our in-house professional designer,
  • Three to five renderings that look like photographs of your project showing the materials and finishes you have selected while shopping.

If I agree to the Design Agreement and Deposit, am I obligated to use Accent Construction for my job?

You are not obligated to use us for your project.  You have paid for the designs and they are yours to keep.  Our experience has shown that, since we know your project inside and out, our bid is usually the most competitive.  We do not have to put in contingencies for unknowns since we are so familiar with your project.

Is my Design Deposit refundable?

We credit 100% of your Design Fee back to you at the time you agree to have us do the work within our project contract.  If you select another Contractor there is no refund of your Design Fee.

What is involved with shopping for materials?

Our in-house professional designer will take you shopping to our wholesale vendors and suppliers to select all the materials for your project.  There are a surprising number of decisions that need to be made for a successful project.  As an example, a master bathroom will start with flooring tile vs. vinyl, then cabinets –design style, color, there is your countertop which can be granite, quartz, or other materials.  Then there is all the plumbing fixtures such as style of toilet, sinks, and faucets…and don’t forget lighting. Essentially, everything that will go into the space, including choices of paint colors.

How long does shopping take?

Shopping for everything that is needed can be time consuming depending on your decision making ability.  Our designer usually takes one full day or can break the shopping into two afternoon trips.  Don’t forget that you will be going to wholesale vendors and they are only open on weekdays until 5:00 PM.  Most homeowners find this to be a fun and enlightening experience.

Do I have to select materials from the vendors offered by Accent construction?

You may select materials from whatever source you desire.  We take you to our wholesale suppliers since they are the ones that give us the best pricing that we can pass along to the homeowner.  We are happy to install items or materials that you provide but are not able to warranty those items.

What is a “photo real” rendering.

A “Photo Real” rendering is pretty much what it sounds like.  It is a print that looks just like a photograph of your completed bathroom or kitchen.  It pictures all the materials you have selected so you know exactly what your project will look like BEFORE you ever sign a Contract.  Accent Construction is the only remodeling General Contractor in Washington and Oregon that has the expensive software and the full time employee to create these photograph like renderings.  We feel this is one of the big reasons we have never had a complaint or misunderstanding.  The photographs help get everyone on the same page and the on-site crew knows exactly what the homeowner is expecting of the project. You can see this type of service on many HGTV and DIY programs.

Will the bid on my Contract change during construction?

Accent Construction give you an exact bid down to the penny for the completion of your project.  We do not use ranges or tell you to expect cost overruns.  We do allow homeowners to make changes and revisions once construction has started, however we try to resolve all questions and issues prior to starting.  Change Orders are handled on a case by case basis and are paid for at time of acceptance by the homeowner.

Can I delay the start of my project once I receive a bid?

Yes, you can delay the start of the project to fit your schedule.  Once a contract is signed we purchase and order the materials needed and the price is locked in.  Our bids are valid for a period of 45 days, after which we reserve the right to adjust our bid in the event our suppliers have changed their pricing to us.

Can I get references of past projects completed by Accent Construction?

Absolutely.  We have a list of past homeowners that have agreed to talk to our prospective customers.  We have requested and received their permission for potential customers to check us out.  We are also an Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau with an “A” rating.  We have an “A” rating on Angies List with every homeowner that we have performed work for who are members.

If I have water or fire damage that is covered by insurance what should I do?

Home damage that is covered by insurance is never a fun situation.  Accent Construction has had some great insurance experiences and poor insurance experiences all depending on the insurance company.  Typically the insurance company never gives the homeowner enough to cover the cost of repair which requires the homeowner to dip into their pocket to cover a portion of the cost of the damage.  Accent does not accept payment from insurance companies.  We have a contract with the homeowner with a clear cost to take care of the repair needed.  Reimbursement for the costs from the insurance company will be between the insurance company and their policy holder which is you, the homeowner.

If I have a small repair job, is Accent Construction interested?

Accent Construction is a “design build General Contractor” and we work on “turnkey” projects.  We are not a Handyman Service and our typical project is $10,000.00 and up. For smaller projects, we recommend looking under Handyman services in Angie’s List or go to the Master Builders Association for recommendations.

What is the typical cost for a bathroom or kitchen remodel project?

All project will vary depending on the scope of work requested and especially the materials selected.  From experience we can tell you that a typical hall bathroom with a complete tear out and remodel will run between $15,000.00 and $20,000.00.  A master bathroom with a separate shower and soaking tub, completely remodeled can start around $20,000.00 and can go upwards of $40,000.00.  Things like heated floors and jetted tubs and jets in the shower will add to the cost as well as custom tower cabinetry between dual sinks and specialty lighting. The cost of kitchens can range all over the chart.  We have remodeled kitchens from a low of $30,000.00 to over $90,000.00 all dependent on the size and scope of work required.