It is normal for all homeowners to want to know how much their project is going to cost.  This is a very difficult question to answer without knowing the materials and complete scope of work.  However, we have remodeled a wide variety of bathrooms and kitchens, so we are typically able to give you a range of prices when we see your project.  During the first visit to your home, we can discuss details and narrow down the range, but in order to give a firm to the penny price, we will need to move forward with a design and material selection process.  We take you shopping for all materials used in a project and help you keep within your budget.

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We always recommend that the homeowner have a rough budget in mind for their project.  This allows us to adjust our recommendations to fit the budget.  Ideas like a vinyl floor vs. tile floor will have some cost savings.  Keeping the existing cabinets vs. new cabinetry is another area of cutting costs.  We will let you know other areas to reduce costs and when shopping we can direct you to fixtures and materials that are within your budget.



Allowances are typically used when materials have not been determined, but the homeowner wants a bid.  We try to avoid this as much as possible, opting to eliminate the possible misunderstandings and variables by determining the materials and fixtures in advance of a contract.  Homeowners should be cautious when accepting a bid with lots of allowances, as some contractors will “low ball” the allowance and come in with a lower bid that another Contractor.  After you have committed to the project, they will then come back with the actual cost which is always higher than the allowance, and which may put his bid higher than the original Contractor.

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Accent Construction has a different mindset than other contractors when it comes to Change Orders.  Most contractors see the Change Order as an opportunity to increase their profit and gouge the homeowner.  We take the opposite approach.  When a Change Order is needed or requested, we do our best to give the homeowner a competitive price and be reasonable with the cost of the requested change.  Our feeling is that if the homeowner feels gouged with a Change Order, he will have a sour taste at the conclusion of the project and not be happy.  Our philosophy is that we want all of our homeowners to be happy and have the ability to use them as references for our business. Because of our design and bidding process, we rarely use Change Orders.