Home Theater

Home_TheaterA dedicated media room has now become a value added feature to any home, while providing quality family entertainment and creating a relaxing “place to be” for each member of your household. Our experts will work with you to plan a Home Theater Room that meets both your desires and your budget. We incorporate the room shape with lighting, audio, video, seating distance, and general room design to reflect your personality.


Types & Classes of Home Video

CRT (Tube)… Classic, large, bright Cathode-Ray Tube Television.
Projection… Standard “Big Screen” TV, front or rear projection in one unit.
LCD Flat Panel… Thin liquid crystal diode screens, good color but often have poor viewing angles.
Gas-Plasma Flat Panel… Thin-film-transistor technology, best color and brightness for a flat panel screen, and can be made very large.
HDTV… High-Definition, refers to the screen’s resolution in pixels, which is more than four times the clarity of standard TV.


Types & Classes of Home Audio

Stereo: Right & Left Audio channels, standard stereo.
Virtual Surround: Cheap and simple, some units have “surround” EQ’s to fake directional audio.
5.1 Surround: Right, Left, Center, Rear Right & Left, and Subwoofer (the “.1”).
THX / Dolby Pro Logic: Industry-standard surround setups, for speaker configuration and power.
7.1 / Dolby Digital: Seven separate audio channels, 1 subwoofer, digital output and input. Cleanest, best sound available.